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Looking Ahead

As some of you folks know, we had to close for what we believed to be a short time on august 27th 2019. We were hoping that we would be able to be open again in a short couple of days however, people had other plans.

The reason we had to close is because a "Jon Scott" (possibly not his real name) had, over a period of several months, convinced a member of my family to bring him on as a director to the Community Initiative Company that Knightly Gaming had a Sublease agreement with. On August 26th this man had forcibly and illegally removed my mother from her position as director after she refused to hand over tens of thousands of pounds or "he would shut Knightly Gaming down" as such I moved to protect my property, into a single room. Police were called, he split my sublet in half with bolts on doors, denied access to toilets for my disabled staff and still holds several hundred pounds of personal property. This is a short version of the events but I just wanted to make it clear the events that lead to knightly being forcibly closed. This man is now pursuing us for over £12k in "room hire" even though we had a sublet agreement in place since 2017! 

As you can imagine this is costing us a pretty penny in solicitors. Which is slowing us down in getting back on our feet.

Normally events like this would shut a business but over the past couple of months the support from the tabletop community has been amazing. We are currently renovating our new property and are working to get our doors open ASAP!

I want to take this moment to thank everyone for their support. It is very humbling to see so many people reach out to us and offer help. You have no idea how much these this means to us as a family, seeing the community that has grown around knightly band together.

I hope to have more updates soon!


Humbly your's

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