Absolute Dice Kids

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Three Ways to Play Absolute Dice Kids. Starter Game: For this game only the purple Category die and the white Scoring dice are used to play and the game is played one round at a time. The youngest player starts by rolling the purple Category die. The white Scoring dice are then rolled all together, the player then matches the icons on the white dice to the one they rolled with the Category die. They then count the icons to get their score - the player with the most matches wins the round. Absolute Dice Kids Game: Initially Absolute Dice Kids is best played one round at a time. As with the other games the youngest player usually starts the game by separating the purple Category and Number dice from the white Scoring dice, then rolls them together to see which category of dice to go for and how many turns they have to gain their score. The player then rolls all the white scoring dice, setting aside any icons on each roll of the dice that match the icon on the purple Category die. At the end of the round the winner is the player who has rolled the most matching icons. In the event of a tie each player chooses an icon, and using one scoring die each, both players take it in turns to roll their die. The first player to roll their nominated icon is the winner. Depending on the age of the child the next step up with the game is to play to accumulate points, in which case it falls to the oldest player to nominate a target number of points to achieve to win the game (7,11, 15 points ..) which can be increased along with a child's ability to count. The Zero on the number die can mean either nothing or no icons to collect this time around, or when a child is older and it feels appropriate, the Zero can be introduced as 'Miss a Go' to add another dimension to the game. It's simple, learn to count while you play. Have Fun !!