Winter Assault 2022

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Knightly will be hosting a WTC Team event on November 26th - 27th

Each Ticket is for 1 team of 4 players, lunch both days

9th Edition, 2020 Grand Tournament Warhammer 40,000 rules

2000 points Strikeforce armies, fully painted and WYSIWYG

Only one of each faction per team, which means only one instance of SM/DW/DA/BA/SW… can be taken per team.

Chaos Daemons can only be summoned by one player on the team, and cannot be summoned if there is a player with a Faction Chaos Daemons Detachment in their team.

Preset missions and terrain, played on a 60” by 44” table Pod phase followed by SWISS pairings, 5 round tournament 2 hour 45 minute rounds with 30 minutes pairing, for total round time of 3.25 hours

Forgeworld units are allowed Units of Legend may not be used

Chessclocks are mandatory. (provided by the venue)

Full Rulespack Available July 2022