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Warcry Carry Case

Warcry Carry Case

£16.00 £20.00

Picture the scene. You rock up for a game of Warcry. It’s the final campaign quest, and you’re PUMPED UP. Your champion is ready to ascend to greatness, and you deliver a speech of such verve and fervour that several people in the Warhammer store that just came in to buy paint have gathered round to chant your name in solemn, terrifying tones. You prepare to remove your leader from your pocket – only to realise his mace has snapped off. What should be your moment of glory becomes a nightmare of plastic glue? To add insult to injury, the cool freehand you did has chipped off!

Don’t let this be you! The Warcry carry case is the ideal way to take your miniatures into battle, protecting them from anything the Eightpoints (or your backpack) can throw at them.

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