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Ironhammer, an Old School 40k Event!

Ironhammer, an Old School 40k Event!


Think back to the early 2000's, When 40k was a simpler time with only one force organization chart. simple Eternal War Missions and Big Freaking Guns!
This tournament is a throw back to these simpler time, and its going to be EPIC and GRIM DARK to the MAX!!!
Ironhammer is a 1 day event with 3 games of 40k and you'll need to bring the following:
1 1500pt army, made from a Battalion Detachment and 1 other Detachment.
2 copies of your list.
Gretchin slave to carry your army between tables.
Dice and tape measure (and blast templates as they will always be missed)
A copious amount of smack talk.
Each player will be scored on their VP from every game, non of this sliding table shenanigans that seems to have taken over tournaments these days!
So if you score 12 VP in a game that's 12 points for you that round!
The round missions and deployment will be as follows:
Round 1: Dawn of War, Relic (major Victory is 8 VP, Minor is 4 VP)
Round 2: Hammer and Anvil, No Mercy
Round 3: Vangaurd Strike, The Scouring
Tickets are £16
More Details will be coming soon!

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