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Warcry Starter Set

Warcry Starter Set

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This massive boxed set (seriously, it’s huge) gives you everything you need to start fighting in the Ravaged Lands. Two warbands – the Untamed Beasts and the Iron Golem – let you battle with a friend out of the box. A selection of Chaos Beasts add extra challenges to your games, and can even be added to your warband in longer campaigns. Meanwhile, a brand-new set of scenery and a folding gaming board brings the desecrated ruins of the Bloodwind Spoil to life, designed to provide a tactically varied and thematically rich backdrop to your skirmishes.

The Warcry Starter Set is everything you need to start playing skirmish games in the Mortal Realms of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, containing:

  • Two Warcry warbands and Chaotic Warbeasts consisting of wide range of brand new multipose Chaos miniatures
  • A huge amount of brand-new ruinous scenery and a double sided game board to create an impressive set up
  • All the miniatures are finely detailed, multi-pose and plastic
  • The box contains the comprehensive Warcry Core Book containing all the rules
  • It also contains all the cards, tokens and tools you need to play Warcry

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