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Imperial 2030

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Imperial 2030, by Mac Gerdts, is a game in which each player takes on the role of a powerful international investor who uses countries as puppets in a quest to earn the greatest profits.  The tools of the trade are bond investing, politics, diplomacy, and war.  The players seek their profits by investing in the bonds of the six world powers the game foresees in the year 2030: Russia, China, India, Brazil. USA, and the E.U.  The player who owns the largest share of a nations debt controls its government, using it as a means to the end of gaining the greatest return on all of his investments.  Remember, as a ruthless global investor you are not concerned with quaint ideals like nationalism, patriotism, and most certainly not pacifism.  You do not send the troops of a country that you control to war for any cause other than your financial gain.  While Imperial 2030 is not a pure war game per se, it is through the conquest of neutral countries around the globe that a nation’s power ranking is increased, and there by raising the value of its bonds.  It is through this increase in power, and thus bond value, that players either profit by investing in countries that go on to do well, or suffer financial ruin by backing those that perform poorly.

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