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The new game from legendary designer Richard Garfield. KeyForge is a two-player card game with a difference. Each deck 37 card deck is completely unique. You will be the only person who plays KeyForge with your Archon’s combination of cards. You also have a unique name and cardback on each deck.

Squarely aimed at casual gamers who want a deep and strategic card game without the deck-building, Keyforge is a decision-heavy but fun infused experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is plenty of enjoyment to be had in the art, card names and flavour text.

Players are competing for Aember, and will be using the Aember they collect to forge keys. The first player to forge three keys is the winner.

There are seven houses in the game, each with their own identity. From the barbarian hordes of House Brobnar to the sneaky rogues of House Shadows. A KeyForge Archon Deck will contain 12 cards from three different houses plus an identity card which shows the decklist. Each cardback shows the name and image of your unique Archon.

During a game you will play cards representing creatures, artefacts and upgrades onto the board. Fighting and using other powerful effects to maintain control of the fight. There are also plenty of actions which have a big impact on the game. The overarching rule of "Do As Much As You Can" makes cards easy to interpret and gives a fast flow to an enjoyable game.

There are no restrictions to how many cards you can play or use each turn. At the start of your turn you call a House and play or use all the cards you are able to. At the end of your turn you always draw back up to six cards.

This means each turn in KeyForge is spent determining how to get the most out of the hand and board that you have. The decision to use the creatures and artefacts you have on the board or play a different house from hand is a difficult one.

Fantasy Flight Games have also made a KeyForge App that will track wins, losses and power level. When you play in a local tournament your deck page will update on the app. You can earn points on the app that can eventually be traded for KeyForge merchandise.

This deck contains all the cards one player needs to play the game. There are tokens that needs to be used to keep track of damage. Official tokens come with the KeyForge: Call of the Archons Starter Pack but this isn’t necessary to play. The rulebook is digital only and is regularly updated to include any new rulings or clarification.

Keyforge is a great purchase for anyone who enjoys strategic card games but lacks the knowledge or time to deep dive into one of the established games.

Player Count: 2
Time: 15-45 Minutes
Age: 14+