UFS: SoulCalibur VI: 1 box of booster packs

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The SoulCalibur VI Universal Fighting System release is coming to stores Quarter 1 of 2019. Our initial launch date for the set was planned for February 1st, however, due to licensing approvals, we are not able to give an official release date until BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. gives us permission to announce it.  

As part of our yearly UFS release strategy, we intentionally stopped giving exact details on upcoming releases due to this recurring issue with licensing approvals. Although we are hitting a delay for a few weeks past the intended release date, we are happy to announce that the processes in place should prevent most licensing based delays from happening in the future.

There was an alternative release that could have met the release date of February 1st, 2019 instead of the SoulCalibur VI set, but it was our executive decision to move forward with the delays, knowing they will not be major, in order to accompany a close release to the official video game launch of SoulCalibur VI from October 19th, 2018. Jasco Games feels that now is the time to promote these popular characters and brands and is happy to bring them to the fans sooner rather than later. The official release date will be given in a matter of weeks as soon as the launch is approved by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Card Previews
Jasco Games is anxiously awaiting the green light to preview cards publically from this new set. As soon as we have permission to announce everything, we will be showing off the new cards for SoulCalibur VI on our social media pages and our website. Stay tuned as this should be happening very soon!

New Pre-Release/ Release Structure
For the remainder of this year, there is a new structure for the UFS Pre-Release and Release events. Starting with SoulCalibur VI, Pre-Release kits will only be available to UFS Premier Stores. Any store can register with Jasco Games to qualify to become a Premier Store for UFS, but if your local hobby shop is not a UFS Premier Store, they will have to wait the additional week for the official Release Event. If you are interested in becoming a UFS Premier Store and taking advantage of many other perks, please follow this link for details: Jasco Games UFS Premier Stores.